Office Boost: the first RFO in the world!

Office Boost is the first ORP (Office Resource Planning) which consists of a set of intelligent, innovative and adapted management tools for staff and office life. These tools introduce ingenious new management models for a fulfilling work environment aimed at excellence in results. The Boost Suite will certainly have a direct impact on your company's culture.


Organizational excellence


Neo-management and work organisation reinvented


The safety and well-being of organizations

What we found

  • Organizations do not realize the full extent of the technological revolution that is coming.

  • Talent management (attraction, development and retention) will increasingly be a major issue.

  • Staff engagement and productivity levels are an ongoing challenge.

  • Traditional business models are outdated and need to be reinvented to increase fairness, satisfaction and happiness in the workplace

The Boost Suite is designed to support organizations and their employees in achieving engagement, happiness and productivity in the workplace!

Office Boost report

The pandemic is causing organizations to change the way they do business!

We all know that the year 2020 was marked by COVID-19. While this virus is still present in our environment, with no end date in sight for this pandemic, HR departments around the world are facing a major challenge: solving workforce safety issues while remaining 100% operational. With the risk of reliving an economic downturn being unthinkable, companies need tools that can support them in this direction.

The challenges ahead of us are enormous. It is in this context that the software in the Boost Suite finds its full meaning. Office Boost is a powerful, drastically different and innovative management platform that integrates security (of places and people) with new business models for happier and more successful employees.

Neo-management can finally express itself.

Our Office Boost Suite solutions

Valuation system (stars) Coming soon
Integrated internal telephony Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Creation of working groups Coming soon
Emotional State Management Coming soon
Blog & Quotes Coming soon
Anti-COVID presence report Coming soon
Suggestion management Coming soon
Compatibility PC - Windows PC - Windows PC - Windows
C-TPAT compliance
Multilingual signage (English/French) Coming soon
Login by proximity card (RFID)
Data hosted on the secure cloud
Confirmation of Attendance
Live display of the workplace
Timesheets - management
Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Deep Working mode
Do not disturb mode
Gaming / Fun Mode
Avatar management
Welcoming employees - teleworking
Display of the entire team
Login with questionnaire for non-blocking teleworking
Questionnaire - creation and management
Visitor Management
Register of visits
Invitation and visitor access card
Visitor Arrival Alert
Flowchart display
Technical support via ticketing
Blocking turnstile control Optional
Emotional state management (emoticons) Optional
Management of several integrated sites Optional
Employee Welcome - Office
Attendance display only
Home with COVID-19 questionnaire blocking
Visitor reception with blocking questionnaire
Visitor badge (badge) printing Coming soon
Up to 5 videos available
Keypadless mode / touch screen
Biometric Login
Project management (classic mode / kanban mode)
Process management
Performance Management
Team communication / internal forum
Reminder of important dates
Phone book
Employee Management
Document management
Technical Support
Management of team meetings
Data on local secure server

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