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IsoVision integration for Precision JLM

Summary of the project

The project consists of integrating IsoVision into IPSO Gun, in order to make the information contained in IsoVision easily accessible for consultation on the factory floor.

Company profile

Précision JLM is a Laval-based company specialising in the production of parts for the aerospace industry.


Précision JLM uses IsoVision to facilitate quality management. A lot of quality data is needed in production. The installation of IPSO Gun stations on the production floor has opened up the possibility of displaying important quality data directly on the factory floor.


  • Making the information in IsoVision accessible 

  • Ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in the two software packages

  • Control the information available to employees


  • Automatically send, via the API provided by IsoVision, the work order information into IsoVision to create the reference table of non-conformities, waivers and queries.

  • Use of IsoVision web services to send discharge information directly from the IPSO Gun stations.

  • Use of IsoVision web services to retrieve lists and details of waivers and queries related to a specific work order for consultation directly in the IPSO Gun screens.

  • Interrogation of IsoVision web services to display on IPSO Gun the documents corresponding to the part in production.

Benefits for the customer

  • Reduction of duplicate manual entries in both systems

  • Instant access to the information contained in IsoVision directly at the operator's station from the IPSO Gun screens

  • Automation of information transfers in IsoVision