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DataCandy interface

Summary of the project

Interfacing with the DataCandy solution. The Datacandy solution allows the accumulation of loyalty points. The interface makes it possible to link the IPSO PME invoice so that the customer can have loyalty points on his purchased items and can use his points to obtain discounts on an invoice issued by IPSO PME.

Company profile

The company wishes to remain anonymous.


The DataCandy solution was chosen by the company's management. It is important to understand that DataCandy achieves part of its international sales in a B2B and B2C context and achieves part of its sales via the Internet.


The organisation wants to quickly implement a customer loyalty system to increase sales and customer retention.


  • Point cards were assigned to clients at the start of the project. The main point allocation configuration remained in the DataCandy interface.

  • IPSO PME uses the connection API provided by DataCandy to exchange information quickly and almost imperceptibly.

  • Invoicing has been modified, in order to print the references concerning loyalty points and to manage the allocation and/or consumption of points.

  • The impact of the points is then sent to the accounting system.

Benefits for the customer

  • Quick system set-up

  • Flexible and easy to use solution requiring virtually no training

  • Fully automated and integrated with IPSO PME

  • Allows the company to further distinguish itself from its competition

  • Allows an increase in sales volume

  • Generates an increase in the number of customers