CASA: A Typical IPSO Success Story


  • The company: Manufacturer of grain handling and storage equipment

  • The situation: Rapid growth that creates many manufacturing management challenges including a growing number of delays, errors and labour costs.


  • Implementation of a complete IPSO SMB system by involving the CASA and IPSO teams


  • Mapping processes, analyzing resource planning and determining solutions to be implemented

  • Standardize products and services, model orders, prepare MRP and program recipes in the CASA configurator

  • Write technical procedures, train representatives, write technical documentation, create a continuous improvement committee and implement the DMS system.


  • Saves approximately 2,400 team hours (previously dedicated to the administrative processing of errors)

  • Reduction of one audit contact person, replaced by a Customer Service Project Manager

  • Annual reduction of more than 4,000 hours of bid preparation time, a 50% reduction.

  • 15% increase in the number of annual submissions

  • 90% reduction in order errors

  • Increased customer satisfaction