BOOSTGATE: Secure your workplace!

Welcome your visitors and staff in complete security with an intelligent, interactive, contactless and self-service interface. With BOOSTGATE, the well-being of your organization depends on the security of all.

  • Check the state of health with a customizable questionnaire

  • Limiting access

  • Enhancing the brand image

  • Automate check-in at the reception desk

  • Show Attendance

  • Submit your corporate videos


Who is it for?

The BOOSTGATE Docking Station is perfect for any organization that wants to automate, simplify and ensure better access control and management. BOOSTGATE complies with new health measures for staff and visitors.

Staff welcome

Visitor reception

Access control

Biometric identification

Health and safety compliance

BoostGate screen

Main features

  • Employee welcome

  • Secure visitor reception

  • Attendance display

  • Visitor Display

  • Integration of the anti-COVID questionnaire

  • Corporate Ads

  • Contactless access (smart card or barcode and QR code)

  • Multi-site management

  • Independent entry management

  • Multilingual (French and English)

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Visitor Arrival Notification

  • Up to 5 corporate videos

  • Complies with the CTPAT standard

All profits!

  • Securing the site

  • Limiting access

  • Enhance your brand image

  • Automate check-in at the reception desk

  • Show Attendance


Available options

  • Biometric verification

  • Locking turnstile
  • Printing of cocards (badges)

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