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IPSO Technologies is proud to announce that it is one of the 8 finalists in the SME in the Spotlight competition of the Association québécoise des technologies for the first ORP system adapted to the new reality of hybrid work!

First RFO system adapted to the new hybrid working reality

BoostGate and BoostLite are two solutions that allow companies not only to secure locations at different levels, but also to support and better equip their teams and organization to meet the current challenges and conditions of a rapidly changing world.

The greatest challenges for companies propelled into the Covidian era have been securing the premises, adapting to new rules to protect their employees while maintaining operations. The BoostGate interface is intelligent, interactive, contactless, fully automated and can be integrated into a docking station or entry screen to secure access management with a customizable COVID health check questionnaire.

With the importance that hybrid work has taken on in recent months, the BoostLite application offers employers and employees the opportunity to visualize their respective teams on a daily basis and to create a stimulating, innovative and engaging collaborative environment. This interface is intuitive and easy to use. It facilitates the maintenance of operations while reinforcing the well-being, commitment and performance of teams regardless of their workplace.


The AQT SMBs in the Spotlight competition is designed to highlight and recognize the successes of Quebec technology sector companies in innovation and commercialization. For this atypical year, the competition highlights the achievements of companies that have been able to innovate and adapt their solutions to help our society adapt to a new reality.

Technology plays a crucial role in keeping society functional and even considering reopening by helping citizens to maintain their health and businesses to continue to operate safely.


The final score for the Grand Prize will be weighted in three volets :

  • quantitative and objective data (30%)
  • the voice of an independent jury (50%)
  • the public vote (20%).

Internet voting will be available from 7 to 16 December. We will soon provide you with the link to vote and support us in this contest.


The name of the " Techno SME of the Year 2020 "will be unveiled at a live virtual gala on December 16, 2020 at 4:30 pm. We invite you to register on the AQT website to participate in the event:

About TQA

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